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Tens of thousands of Florida prisoners are released annually and reenter our communities. Many wish to become law-abiding citizens and have the best intention of living a conventional life upon release yet most have few job skills, lack a formal education, and experience discrimination in housing and job markets because of their felony records.

As a result, they become our local statistics—the under-educated, the unskilled, the unemployed, the impoverished, the homeless. Unable to make it in the conventional world, over 60% are rearrested for a new crime within three years causing further victimization and a drain on community resources.

Project 180 will break this cycle by providing education, marketable job skill training, a 24/7 clean-and-sober living environment, an emphasis on community involvement and volunteerism, and a slow reintegration into the community. Project 180 seeks to build community, not more prisons.

Project model.

Project 180 will utilize apprenticeships and a business training school model which has successfully assisted thousands of former offenders in California reenter the community for over forty years. Project 180 residents will have the opportunity to learn job, business and communication skills and how to act in a business environment as they work in paid apprenticeships at a construction company or local organic farm.

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Our residents.

Our residents will be male repeat offenders who have recently been released from prison or jail and who have stated and/or demonstrated a commitment to changing their lives. We serve all of Florida but give preference to prisoners returning to the Twelfth Judicial Circuit (Sarasota, Manatee, and DeSoto Counties).

We intend to be a multi-ethnic program with a high proportion of racial and ethnic minorities.

We exclude sex offenders and individuals who have committed a crime against or involving a child. We also exclude individuals with a record of arson or mental health disorders other than depression and/or anxiety. We are not taking women at this time.

Prisoners who apply for residency will be heavily screened by a Project 180 team consisting of the Director and former offenders.