Serving the entire community—from inmates to law-abiding citizens—Project 180 works to stop the cycle of crime and violence.

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Project 180 gives offenders a second chance to rebuild their lives and stay out of prison by offering practical tools for success—workforce education, financial literacy classes and introductions to local, state and national employers. We provide inmates the tools they need to break away from criminal activity and the destructive aspects of prison life.

Our annual Strong Voices luncheon lecture series for the general public creates a bridge of understanding between law-abiding citizens and offenders who wish to turn their lives around. Click the Strong Voices/Strong Subjects link on our home page for information about our upcoming series.

By donating now, you will support the opening and operation of our Residential Program, your greatest opportunity to turn lives around.

Project 180 is eligible to receive tax deductible contributions. Please check with your accountant to determine if your contribution is tax deductible.

A Second Chance

Project 180 will offer each future resident a second chance by:

  • Being the support “family" for a former offender by providing a place to live and work while he rebuilds his life.
  • Offering academic education and job skill training.
  • Facilitating opportunities to give back to society through volunteer service.
  • Rejecting the use of violence to settle disputes.
  • Helping him restore his dignity and build positive relationships.

Building Community

Project 180’s Residential Program will build community by:

  • Increasing public safety.
  • Reducing the financial strain of the criminal justice system on society.
  • Reducing homelessness, poverty, and unemployment.
  • Returning potentially productive members of society back to the work force.
  • Assisting former offenders in becoming tax-paying, law-abiding citizens.
  • Restoring social trust.
  • Improving the quality of life for everyone.