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image of a man working on a farmOur current prison programs—the CEO WorkforceEducation Class and the Financial Literacy Course—teach essential life skills to inmates in five Florida counties. Our next step is to open a two-year Residential Program for repeat offenders.

The CEO Program

The number one factor in ensuring success as a mainstream citizen is employment. It offers structure, dignity and a new social network in addition to a paycheck. Our volunteer CEOs share insider tips with prisoners on how to find, obtain and retain a job in felon-friendly industries.

image of a man working on a farmFinancial Literacy Course

After securing a job, an offender’s next step on the road to success is financial literacy. Knowledge of financial matters opens the door to participation in community life as a responsible citizen and sets up the next generation for success. Our volunteer bankers and finance professionals teach credit, loans, budgeting and saving.

Residential Program

Project 180’s greatest potential to turn lives around will be realized with the opening of our Residential Program. Modeled after a California nonprofit that has successfully assisted thousands of former offenders, we’ll offer two years of residency, job skill training, academic education and vocational training, volunteer opportunities in the community and more.

We are currently seeking a large home with acreage or small farm in Sarasota or Manatee County; a rural location would be ideal. To support this effort, contact us about our Founder’s Circle and/or naming opportunities.

Education Program

Project 180 is all about education. Our academic education program in the residential program will consist of three levels: Adult Basic Education (1st through 8th grade level); GED (high school diploma equivalent); and college prep.

Residents will spend a minimum of ten hours in class per week. Just as in ‘real life,’ homework will have to be scheduled to fit into work and residential life schedules. Learning to budget time and effort will be part of succeeding in the program.

Our goal, albeit an aggressive one, is that each resident will have a high school equivalency certificate prior to graduation from Project 180.