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At Project 180, we will offer a two year clean and sober program to men returning from Florida’s prison system or jails.

Our primary goal in our Residential Program will be to help those who have no other means of receiving help—no family members or friends willing to assist, no job, no money—although you will be welcome to apply even if you have some or all of these resources. Please note that this program is not yet open. We welcome contributions designated for the Residential Program.


Key points


  • Residents may be required to contribute a percentage of their apprenticeship income to Project 180 for daily living needs.
  • We will not accept all applicants.
  • We will not accept sex offenders, individuals with a crime against or involving a child, individuals with a record or history of arson, or individuals with mental health disorders (except depression and anxiety which we consider to be normal reactions to prison life). There are no exceptions.
  • This is not a faith-based program.
  • This is a multi-racial program; all prison notions of racial segregation must be left at the prison gate.
  • You must be clean and sober upon entering the program. You will be tested.
  • This is not an easy program. You will be required to work hard, examine your deepest feelings and re-form many of your ideas about yourself: how you interact with others, how you feel about society, and the level of responsibility you’re willing to take as a member of the community.
  • This is not a program for victims. If you think of yourself as a victim of society, you do not belong in this program.

We are not yet accepting applications. To stay current with our progress, like Project180reentry on Facebook. When we begin accepting applications, you may apply by writing to the Director at:

Project 180
PO Box 25684
Sarasota, FL 34277-2684

In your letter, please tell us:

  • who you are
  • your current address
  • your approximate release date
  • your goals, however simple or complex
  • what motivates you to apply at this time
  • anything else you want us to know

About Project 180


  • Chief among our core values are honesty and integrity, trust and respect, accountability and responsibility.
  • Our core values are honesty and integrity, trust and respect, compassion, accountability and responsibility, self-governance, environmental awareness and stewardship, enjoyment and creativity.
  • The residential program will be a two year program. You may stay longer if you are succeeding in the program and wish to take on a greater level of responsibility.
  • We will offer a highly structured 24/7 clean-and-sober living environment, food, clothing, academic education appropriate to your educational level, job skill training, the opportunity to both learn and teach, volunteer opportunities in the community, recreation and entertainment, and a “family” who cares about you and your future.
  • You will not need to be able to read or write well to enter the program. Someone else can write your application letter for you. Please note somewhere in the letter that the words are yours but someone else has written it down for you.
  • We will take care of, support, and are responsible for each other. We take this very seriously. You will rarely be alone and will be responsible not only for your own actions but also the actions of your assigned partner for the day.
  • We will all work. The apprenticeship and Business Training Schools will give you the opportunity to learn marketable job skills and help earn revenues that support us. Our primary Business Training School will be an organic farm. One of our Business Training Schools will be an organic mini-farm. We’ll work outside and eat well.
  • You must be willing and able to work. Our minimum work week will be approximately forty-five hours; you will have other responsibilities as well.
  • You must be willing to do anything that is asked of you. We will not ask you to hurt yourself or anyone else.
  • We are a relatively private program. You will have little contact with your family and no contact with former friends during your two year stay. This is not to control you but to give you the opportunity to experience the changes in your life without distractions, outside responsibilities or the pull of your old life. You may not have contact with felons outside of the program.
  • We’ll make sure you get to official appointments (e.g. probation office) in a timely manner.
  • With your cooperation, we will help you transition safely from the program into the community upon graduation.
  • This is a voluntary program. You will be able to leave at any time. If you’re on probation, we will immediately notify your probation officer that you’ve left the program.
  • We will have three basic rules: no violence, no threats of violence, no drugs or alcohol. If you break any of these rules, your residency will be terminated.